January 2021 Happy New Year (I Hope!)

So hello everyone,  how are you all keeping during these strange and confusing times?

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you all here, since my last post, we have been through lockdowns, restrictions and many changes to the way we live our lives but hopefully we are all coping well with it all.  

For us, it has been a strange time, we cancelled all our workshops and refunded everyone who had booked.  Then we waited. Finally, in November I decided to try to book a new venue (our usual places are all too small to allow for social distancing). We decided on the new Moray Sports Centre in Elgin where there is loads of space for people to distance and for me to be able to get close enough to show everyone what to do. However, due to the latest lock down, we cant go ahead with those workshops which I am really sad about as I miss you all, we miss seeing you making your pottery and all the smiles, the ‘tongue out’ concentration and of course the herds of colourful crazy Coos! I will be booking some more dates for April and hopefully by then we will be able to get together then!

In the meantime, I am working on new workshops, with differing techniques and skill levels but never worry, the Coos are here to stay!!

So what are we doing? 

I have been making pottery under my own brand T-KU Ceramika. It’s available from Ethical Gift Shop in Huntly,  Artisan Giftware in Buckie and The Harbour with Footprints in Hopeman. I have also opened an Etsy Shop under the name TKU Ceramika. It’s early days yet and we are building as we go but we will have a selection of my own work, paint your own pottery kits (no need to fire), air dry clay kits, and gift ware. There are links out from here, the Facebook Page and from our website.

In addition to this, I am making a series of videos which will be available from the website showing some basic projects using different hand building methods. These will be able to be used in conjunction with the clay kits. 

Lastly, I love watching skilled people using unusual techniques, have a look at this!

Bye for now,


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