New & Improved

Hi everyone!   We have been very quiet for a bit and our apologies for this but we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a new and improved Buckie Pottery Co, with new ideas and new features. Our website has been overhauled and improved to give our customers more options and a better service.

NEW Free-to-use videos to give you ideas for your air dry clay kit or to get started in the world of pottery.  Learn how to roll a basic slab, make a pinch pot and there are also projects where you can use your new skills to make something fabulous. We have 7 videos to start with but we will be adding to these as time goes on! All credit to our brilliant web guy Chema (Nightingweb) for managing to edit out my rambling or some of it at least!

NEW Online shop where you are sure to find something that you love. Treat a friend or indulge yourself!

T-KU Ceramika our own brand of pottery, made in house.

Ethically Sourced gifts, we have a small selection of beautiful things made by artisan makers in India, Malaysia, Thailand and more.

Gift Vouchers. We have gift vouchers which can be purchased and sent out to the purchaser or recipient.

Pottery Painting Kits. We have kits with a bisque blank, Acrylic Paints, brushes, sealer and instructions.

Air-Dry Clay Modelling Kits – You get a kilo of air dry clay, brushes tools, paints and instructions, make your own project or try one of ours, you are only limited by your imagination!

Bisque Blanks we will have a selection of bisque blanks which can be painted, glazed, decoupaged etc.

During Lockdown, I have been working on my own range of handmade ceramics under my own brand, T-KU Ceramika. You can find my work in our own online shop, and also in the following locations:

If you find yourself in the vicinity, check these places out, there are loads of interesting things to be found for a wealth of talented local crafters.



We have planned very few workshops but as things are opening up and feeling a little safer, we  have arranged 4 workshops over 2 days at Aden Country Park Mintlaw. Please see our booking section for details.

If you would like us to come to your venue for a pottery painting or clay modelling workshop, please get in touch.


Aberdeen to Yogyakarta and back!

To go along with our Fairtrade offerings, we will have a regular blog from Jim where he will natter about his travels across Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia taking in Sumatra and Java. This is where he learned about the value that small artisan workshops add to the communities where they operate.

Part One

As I stepped out through the passenger door of the Boing 747 at Bangkok International Airport I had no idea what the 6-month backpacking adventure would entail, the sights seen and the wonderful people I’d meet in the three countries I’d eventually visit.

The heat was instant, like a warm embrace, and very welcoming. After clearing customs I was greeted by one of my younger brothers, Norman, who was a seasoned traveller and still only in his mid twenties. Norman was tanned dark brown, instant envy from me who was whiter than white, growing up in Aberdeen, N.E. Scotland or anywhere in Scotland would fit that description.

We hailed a taxi, the very thing I’d been warned not to do outside Bangkok airport! But! My brother knew the ropes and settled my concerns by exchanging a few words in Thai with the driver, phew! We drove on to Kao San Road which is the generally accepted hub for foreign travellers wanting to book onward local, nationwide or international destinations.

My expected visions of Bangkok were dispelled almost immediately, the drive to town was an eye opener in itself! Small motorbikes with whole families aboard, one memory that stays with me was seeing a father driving, one child between his legs, one standing and mum behind, side-saddle holding a gas bottle! Trucks with no side doors and exhausts belching out diesel fumes, dozens and dozens of them, hundreds of cars, motorbikes and took took’s, all this seen just on the motorway into the centre of the city.

Arriving on Khao San Road was a bit of a culture shock, every nationality swarming about in the now stifling mid day heat. Walking around I saw many stalls with hand crafted goods, bracelets, silver jewellery, carved Buddhas, and a myriad of other items all hand made in homes and towns the length and breadth of this wondrous country. After a good wander about we sat down near the entrance of an open bar, ordered a drink and soaked up the atmosphere.

This is only a snapshot from memory, there was so much more absorbed during that initial journey into town and the beginning of my great adventure.